Update on the Local Area Plan 30 June 2013

posted 30 Jun 2013, 11:17 by Nora Choveaux

Public Open Day

For those who may be concerned that they missed the Public Open Day for the Local Area Plan, it has not yet taken place! We organised our Public Meeting on 16 May 2013 in great haste after we were informed that the Public Open Day would take place on 25 May 2013. It is unfortunate that the Open Day did not take place and that there is now a long period between our meeting and the Public Open Day.

We have been informed that the Public Open Day is planned for either Saturday 20 July 2013 or Saturday 27 July 2013. As soon as the date is finalised, it will be posted on this website. It will also be advertised in The Witness.

Inception Report

The Inception Report has been approved by the municipality. We have submitted a request to the municipality to view this report. Since the Inception Report is the road map for the Local Area Plan and outlines the involvement with the community, it is important that we have access to the report. Although our request is going from pillar to post, we will pusue the matter. We intend posting a summary of the report on this website.