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Umlaas Rd Auto Carriers (Afroprop)

Status: positive ROD
Guy Nicolson Consulting cc, 6 Indwa Place, Kloof, 3610
Application to develop in a wetland area of property comprised collectively of Rem of portion 111, Rem of portion 112, Rem of portion 221 (of 189), portion 114, Rem of portion 191, portion 212 (of204), portion 209 (of 111), portion 210 (of 112) and proposed subdivision of portion 405 of the farm Vaalkop and Dadelfontein No 885.
The development consists of vehicle storage space in the form of undercover parking bays for 13657 vehicles, a vehicle fitment centre and touch up centre, workers facilities including canteen, and ablution area, a sewerage treatment plant, vehicle inspection area and mini factory, a wash bay for cars and a wash bay for transporters, a fuel supply area with two underground tanks comprising a 80 000 litre tank for diesel and 14 000 litre tank for petrol, a main entrance gate, a carrier repair area and administration centre and offices with a combined floor area of 2914m2 and associated service infrastructure.
Debbie Jewitt,
15 Mar 2010, 13:17