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Mpushini Business Park (Cherry Moss)

The DAEA&RD gave a positive ROD for this development but it has been appealed. No date for this decision has been given as the developer had requested an extension of time.
The DFA process for rezoning is currently underway - the last meeting was held on the 8 March 2010 but no decision was made.  The DFA requested further information and changes to the applicants proposal, notably no industry.  The next DFA hearing date is still to be announced.
The original application was as follows:
The establsihment of the mixed use development and associated infrastructure on portion 621 (of 592) and rem of 592 of the farm Vaalkop and Dadelfontein No. 885 in Ashburton.  The development application includes a two storey Activity and business park with retail and logistic facilities for storage and warehousing, office space, parking garage and parking areas, general residential area with a density of 15 units/ha, a convenience retail node with access off the R103.
Debbie Jewitt,
13 Mar 2010, 06:43