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Mkondeni River Bridge

Status:  IAP's were not notified of ROD.  Construction on the site commenced before the permit was issued.  The construction illegally destroyed a voortrekker monument (Amafa to take up the issue).
Terratest (Pty) Ltd is conducting the application for environmental authorisation.
The existing bridge is a single span simply supported steel beam and concrete slab deck supported on mass concrete abutments.  The bridge was constructed in 1927.  The deck needs to be replaced which requires a detour road to be built.
ContactMagnus van Rooyen, Terratest (Pty) Ltd, PO Box 13009, Cascades, 3202, Tel: 033 347 2992, Fax: 033 347 3960, Email:
Debbie Jewitt,
13 Mar 2010, 14:07