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Ashburton Shopping centre and Hotel DC22/0066/09

The first public meeting for this development was held on 9 December 2009. The trust expressed its dissatisfaction with the poor advertising and timing of the meeting and have asked for a further meeting to be convened, this time properly advertised.

Attached below is the BID document for the development which you may download or view.

If you wish to register as an interested and affected party please download the I&AP Reg Form attached below.

Draft scoping report available online

posted 9 Mar 2011, 00:50 by site admin   [ updated 9 Mar 2011, 01:08 ]

The draft scoping report is available on the Henwood and Nxumalo website. Please click here.

Unfortunately printing has been disabled on this document. This is a public document and the public's right to comment has been severely compromised by this restricted access policy. If you wish to have free access to this document please contact Henwood and Nxumalo directly.

Draft Scoping Report available

posted 19 Feb 2011, 07:21 by site admin

The draft scoping report for this development has been made available - comments are due in by the 14 March 2011.

The nature of the application has changed in that the water theme park has been replaced by a theatre complex.  The PMMB Trust will get clarity if further public participation meetings are required given the nature of these changes.

In addition there are several new issues that will directly and negatively affect neighbours.  Please familiarise yourselves with these issues to avoid being negatively affected.

Public Participation Meetings

posted 21 Feb 2010, 01:39 by site admin

Please note the dates for the public participation meetings are as follows:
25 Feb 2010  17h30
26 Feb 2010  12h30
27 Feb 2010  11h00

Meeting at 37 Pope Ellis Drive, Ashburton.
Queries 033 394 2352

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