This is an abbreviated list of all developments in our area. Please click on the name to access more comprehensive information.

Municipality code: KM - Mkambatini municipality
                         MM - Msunduzi municipality

EIA - enviromental impact assessment
ROD - record of decision by KZN Dept. of Agriculture and Enviromental Affairs
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NameDate advertisedMunicipalityVicinityEIA no.ConsultantEIA StatusFinal Status
NameDate advertisedMunicipalityVicinityEIA no.ConsultantEIA StatusFinal Status
Hilcove Hills 16 February 2011 MM Bellevue DC22/0056/10 Guy Nicolson Assessment stage none 
UMLAAS GATES LIGHT INDUSTRIAL AND MIXED USE DEVELOPMENT  KM Umlaas Rd DC22/0013/2012 Terratest Still to be advertised none 
DEVELOPMENT OF HUTTON FARM; PORTION 0 (REM), PORTION 57, 73, 171 OF THE FARM VAALKOP & DADELFONTEIN NO. 885, UMLAAS ROAD, KWAZULU-NATAL  KM Umlaas Rd DC22/0012/2012 Terrarest Still to be advertised none 
Hlatshana Development (PADCA)  MM Murray Rd, Pietermartizburg DC22/0066/08 Afzelia Consulting ROD issued DFA pending 
Almond Bank (Ntaba Ridge) 1 May 2006 MM Bisley area 7161 and DC22/0060/08 Afzelia, Wolfgang Kanz ROD issued DFA pending 
Sand and Stone Wholesale Facility 1 February 2011 MM Polly Shorts  Greene Door Enviromental Assessment stage none 
Ashburton Shopping centre and Hotel 2 December 2009 MM Pope Ellis Drive , Ashburton DC22/0066/09 Henwood and Nxumalo Scoping phase none 
Pinnacle Point, Bellevue 13 June 2006 MM Bellevue 6944 Graeme Slade ROD issued Withdrawn 
New England Rd Landfill site  MM Hayfields 6401 Jonathan Thompson, Geomeasure ROD issued none 
Hayfields Hotel 4 September 2006 MM Hayfields, New England Rd DC22/0082/07 Udidi Consultants ROD issued Rezoning TPS 
Ibubhezi Industrial Park 21 June 2007 MM Lynnfield Park 7258 Guy Nicholson ROD Pending Rezoning TPS 
Epworth N3 Interchange  MM Epworth / Hayfields 12/12/20/1214 Stuart Gower-Jackson ROD issued none 
Bank Charter housing  MM Hollingwood, Lincolnmeade  Terratest ROD amended DFA pending 
Mkhonto Office Park 30 March 2007 KM Lion Park DC22/0012/07 and DC22/0055/07 Enviroscope, Janet Edmonds   
Kingthorpe 1 September 2005 KM Lion Park 6470 and DC22/ex/0041/09 Blue Enviromental Consultants / SiVest   
Umlaas Rd Auto Carriers (Afroprop)  KM Umlaas Rd DC22/0070/07 Guy Nicolson ROD issued Rezoning TPS 
Msunduzi Country Estate 20 September 2007 MM Hayfields EIA/7072 Mike Webster, Siyazama Consulting ROD issued DFA approval 
Shortts Retreat Industrial Zoning 23 May 2006 MM Shortts Retreat Rd 7027 Peter le Roux ROD issued Rezoning TPS 
iBhubesi (Foxhill) 14 December 2006 MM Bisley 7297 Jake Alletson ROD Pending  
The Aloes residential development  KM Lion Park Lynnfield Park interchange 7233 Neville Hattingh, SiVest   
Rehabilitation and upgrade N3 between Cato Ridge and Lion Park 24 June 2008 KM Lion Park - Cato Ridge 12/12/20/1131 Vicki King ROD issued  
Rita Industrial (Daisy Wheel)  MM Lion Park / Lynnfield Park DC22/0012/08 Mr Watson K2M Technologies ROD Pending  
Phoenix Industrial 1 April 2008 MM Lion Park interchange DC/22/0011/08 Gert Watson, K2M Technoloogies   
Lion Park Light industrial development 22 October 2008 MM Ashburton DC22/0002/08 Rebecca Bowd, Green Door ROD Pending DFA pending 
Ashburton Residential development 3 December 2009 MM Ashburton DC22/0069/09 Henwood and Nxumalo   
Mkondeni River Bridge  MM Ashburton, Polly Shorts DC22/0030/08 Magnus van Rooyen, Terratest ROD issued  
Burton Heights 11 March 2010 MM Shortts Retreat  Rebecca, Green Door Environmental   
Silos Industrial Park 19 March 2009 KM  DC22/0074/08 SiVest Environmental Division   
Hollingwood Cemetry 28 February 2008 MM  DC22/0052/07 SRK consulting ROD issued  
Mayibuye Community Reserve 7 March 2010 KM      
Mpushini Business Park (Cherry Moss)  MM Lynfield Park DC 22/001/08 Green door Environmental ROD appealed DFA pending 
Umgungundlovu District Landfill site investigation 10 February 2010 MM Within 20km of Pmb  Stuart Gower-Jackson Pending none 
N3 Traffic Control Centre 28 May 2009 KM Camperdown 12/12/20/1238 Dr Jenine Bothma Pending none 
Strategic Environmental Assessment, Mkhodeni Mphushini 1 August 2006 MM Mkondeni valley  Guy Nicholson   
Showing 34 items