About us

The Preservation of Mkondeni Mpushini Biodiversity Trust , is a trust registered with the Master of the High Court.

Primary goal.

The primary goal of the trust is to preserve the ecological and environmental integrity of the biodiversity area for the communities living in the vicinity of Pietermaritzburg in KwaZulu-Natal.

Specific objects of the Trust.


The Specific Objects of the PMMB Trust are to:

  1. Rehabilitate, preserve and promote the environmental, ecological and historical integrity of the Biodiversity area

  2. Facilitate and Support sustainable Community driven development initiatives within and adjacent to the Biodiversity area

  3. Establish appropriate small, medium and micro enterprises and provide skills and educational training for the beneficiary communities.

  4. Promote the Biodiversity area in support of eco-tourism initiatives.

  5. Act as a fundraising, accountability, coordination and communication forum for achieving the primary and specific objects of the Trust