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This document provides a synthesis of the key issues identiifed in the Status Quo assessments. It also examines the role of the south eastern district in the municipality and outlines the principles, vision and objectives for development of the area. This report can be downloaded as a pdf on this page


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The south eastern district of Msunduzi Municipality is poised for development because of its proximity to the N3. There are many factors which must be taken into account before planners think about the change in the land use from agriculture to another use. There is a wealth of information which the consultants from Royal Haskoning DHV have reviewed to produce a baseline of “the way things are at the moment”. A summary of the techinical notes on planning, the environment, transportation, service infrustructure, economics and the finances of the municipality has been prepared by Nora Choveaux. The summary is available here in html format or it can be downloaded as a pdf from this page.

Update on the Local Area Plan 30 June 2013

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Public Open Day

For those who may be concerned that they missed the Public Open Day for the Local Area Plan, it has not yet taken place! We organised our Public Meeting on 16 May 2013 in great haste after we were informed that the Public Open Day would take place on 25 May 2013. It is unfortunate that the Open Day did not take place and that there is now a long period between our meeting and the Public Open Day.

We have been informed that the Public Open Day is planned for either Saturday 20 July 2013 or Saturday 27 July 2013. As soon as the date is finalised, it will be posted on this website. It will also be advertised in The Witness.

Inception Report

The Inception Report has been approved by the municipality. We have submitted a request to the municipality to view this report. Since the Inception Report is the road map for the Local Area Plan and outlines the involvement with the community, it is important that we have access to the report. Although our request is going from pillar to post, we will pusue the matter. We intend posting a summary of the report on this website.

- Strategic Environmental Assessment

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A Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA) has been completed for the Umgungundlovu Regional Municipality. This assessment spells out the environmental capacity of the area and gives an outline of the implications of the environmental constraints on planning. This document also provides valuable information for the integration of land uses between Msunduzi Municipality and Mkhambatini Municipality in the Ashburton area.

A copy of the Status Quo Report for the SEA is available below. 

- Map of the area for the Local Area Plan

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THe Msunduzi Municipality have commenced a Local Area Plan for the south-eastern district of the municipality. They have appointed a team of consultants which is led by Tony Markewitz a senior planner with Royal Haskoning DHV. The rest of the team is Andrew Schultz and Simon Plunkett, both planners, Glen Robbins, an economist, Janet Loubser, a strategic environmental planner, Derek McGuigan,a traffic specialist, Greg Ovendale, a water and sanitation engineer, an electrical engineer and Jasmin Kouvardia, a housing specialist.

A map of the area included in the Local Area Plan is available below.

- When good people do nothing- Ashburton residents must speak out now.

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This article, written by Jeremy Ridl, appeared in the Witness newspaper on 16 May 2013

About 350 BC the Greek philosopher Plato said this: “The penalty good men pay for indifference to public affairs is to be ruled by evil men”. More than fifteen hundred years later, the Irish political philosopher and statesman Edmund Burke, warned of social complacency when he said, “All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing”. The indictments of Plato and Burke of their societies could be made against present-day South African communities with the same justification. Apathy rules until we become disgruntled and we take to the.... Read more

- Notes from the public meeting held on Thursday 16 May 2013 at Ashburton

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A PDF version of the notes from the meeting is available at the the bottom of the page.



The Preservation of the Mkondeni Mpushini Biodiversity Trust have given Jeremy Ridl and Nora Choveaux a mandate to represent them at meetings for the Local Area Plan for Ashburton with the consultants appointed by the Msunduzi Municipality.

The present meeting was organised to inform residents of the Local Area Plan, their right to participate in the planning process and to establish whether those present agree that the Trust represent them at meetings with the consultants. By a show of hands, the majority of residents were in agreement with this decision.

The community was encouraged to attend an Open Day which will be organised by the consultants shortly.

The Trust will keep residents informed of the development of the plan over the next two years through their website and by contacting residents directly.

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